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When I login, why do I get a WhatCounts Login Notification every time?


WhatCounts is very concerned about security and privacy.  We have added a new security step in which a User will receive an email notification each time the User Account is used to login to the system.  This email message, arriving from "WhatCounts Security" <>, contains the following details:

  • Login Date and Time : Day, Date, and Time at which the login occurred
  • Account Name : Name of the Account, or Realm, into which the User logged in
  • IP Address : IP address of the system from which the User logged in

You should not share your login information at any time.  If you receive a login notification and you did not login to WhatCounts, please contact your Account Manager or right away to report a possible issue.  



Can I disable the WhatCounts Login Notification?


It is not possible to disable the notification.

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