Version 11.8 - March 16, 2016

v11.8.0 release continues improvements in the Report Overview pages, as well as UI performance.  A new feature allows you to get external content from pages that require a User-Agent string, and the Bounce Address will automatically fill with the default set in the Account Settings when creating a new List.

11.8.0 - 3/16/2016

New Features

  • Onboarding: New Status page
  • Quick Reports: Add ability to filter number of days


  • About Realm:
    • Remove 'Realm Description' at top of page
    • Change 'Realm' text to 'Account'
  • Realm Edit: Change 'Realm' text to 'Account'
  • Task History: Set Run By to Notification Email from Relational API imports
  • List Definition:
    • Set Bounce Address to default from Realm Settings on create
    • Change page title to Edit List Definition
  • Campaign Details: Include Commas in numbers
  • UI: Update color
  • UI: Display error page instead of white screen on error
  • Deliverability: Change text of 'sharing' radio button
  • Compare Lists: Update in page text to indicate 'Unsubscribe'
  • n-Way: Remove Create N-Way Rules, use Enhanced N-Way Rules option instead
  • Opt Out Wizard: Add language about file type requirements
  • Event Based Segmentation: Change 'Opt Out' to 'Global Opt Out' to clarify
  • Suppression: Add info to page that removals are not tracked
  • Workflow: Include Suppression and Seed list details on approval email


  • Add Alias: Anonymous function error on page load
  • FTP API:
    • schedule_deployment fillin fields are not saved
    • schedule_deployment does not set Workflow
    • Unsub reports failure if optout is disabled
    • schedule_deployment workflow send time no longer works
    • unsub command reports Globally Opted Out when only opted out at list level
  • Automation Overview: Boxes not aligned
  • Automation Campaign: Reassign popup needs resizing
  • Campaign Details:
    • Horizontal Bars Overlap Totals
    • UI Issues in Bounce section
  • Task History: Scheduled Report Details exports do not include Task Type
  • Report Details:
    • Unexpected failure on Export
    • Update Success message for scheduled export
    • Export over 100k to .xls results in file of size 0
    • Cannot see link in success message for export
  • Campaign Report Wizard: Open Rate calculated incorrectly
  • Layout Editor:
    • 'Image Properties' not responding consistently
    • Page times out when trying to create new layout from custom theme
    • Unable to change links on linked images
    • Autoscroll Iframe on module drag
    • Duplicate Image Area created
  • Schedule Subscriber Export: customer key removed from selected data
  • Custom Field: Changing name creates new field of type Number
  • Dashboard:
    • Timeline chart not displaying last 7 days
    • Issues with site access using Safari
  • Event Wizard: Large Report Throwing Servlet.log Errors
  • Schedule Reports: Syntax Error on page load
  • Subscriber Details: Anonymous Function error on page load
  • Forgot Password Landing Page has confusing form
  • Create Realm: After Create, Custom Colors show colors from realm currently impersonating instead of new realm
  • Quick Reports:
    • Data from End Date is not included in Results
    • Results do not display if change date range
    • Results clear if click GO without changing date range
    • Report file does not include expected data columns
    • Fix Opt Out details page title
    • Error on export


11.8.1 - 3/17/2016


  • Custom Reports: Failure when generating file

11.8.2 - 3/22/2016


  • Omniture: Improvements

11.8.3 - 4/5/2016


  • Layout Editor: Update Media URL when uploading image
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