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I am a reseller.  How do I change the Support and OnCall email addresses used on the 'Request Support' ticket in my customer's Realm?


The default Support and OnCall email addresses for a particular system are set in config.  If you are a Broadcaster customer and want those values set to addresses that work for your company, contact us.

Support and OnCall email addresses can also be configured in CUSTOMER CARE > REALM MANAGEMENT > EDIT REALM. If a Realm does not have a Support or OnCall email address, the system will look at the parent realm, and even parent of the parent (if applicable) for Support and OnCall email values to use.

Here is the process the system goes through in looking for what to use for the 'Request Support' ticket:

  1. Is there a Support or OnCall value set on the Edit Realm screen? If yes, use that.
  2. If no, does it have a parent Realm with a Support or OnCall value? If yes, use that.
  3. If no, the system will continue to look up at parents of that Realm. When the end is reached, the system will use the default values set on the system.

In order to make future changes to these values easier, do not enter a Support or OnCall Email address in Edit Realm unless it is necessary based on the flow above.

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