Version 11.7 - February 25, 2016

v11.7.0 release continues improvements in the Report Overview pages, as well as UI performance.  A new feature allows you to get external content from pages that require a User-Agent string, and the Bounce Address will automatically fill with the default set in the Account Settings when creating a new List.

11.7.0 - 2/25/2016

New Features

  • Get Tag: Add new webget tag for web servers that require a User-Agent string
  • FTP API: Add Schedule Deployment command to schedule campaigns on the Calendar
  • List Properties: Automatically populate Bounce Address if default set at account level


  • File/Media Manager: Display error when renaming existing with preceding underscore
  • File Manager: Do not save generated files with more than one dot in row
  • Change to new logo
  • Create Realm: Force realm name to all lowercase characters on Save
  • Realm Services: Add a date for when a realm is added to the service
  • Standard Segmentation: Improve Test&Save and Publishing processing
  • Task History: Set Run By to Notification Email from API imports
  • Reports
    • Activity Overview: Campaigns Sent click through to Campaign Overview page
    • Automation Overview: Campaign Details with grouped campaigns needs cleanup
    • Automation Overview: Include commas in numbers
    • List Overview: Include Commas in numbers
    • Campaign Overview: Include Commas in numbers
    • Report Details: Schedule Export if more than 100000 rows
    • Report Details: Display notification if more than 10000 rows of data
    • Dashboard: Include Commas in numbers
    • Dashboard: Change wording of Month sent total sentence


    • rdbimportstatus returns results for invalid storage type
    • rdbimportstatus call returns Failure
  • Editors: Do not add Fullstory Script to HTML in CKEditor pages
  • Article: Copy fails
  • Layout Editor:
    • Javascript error on page load
    • Save to Template Max Subject Line Should Be 128 Characters
    • Display Error when try to Edit an invalid Module
  • Custom Fields: Javascript error on page load
  • File/Media Manager: Javascript error on page load
  • Marketing Automation Builder:
    • Javascript error on page load
    • Link Type Field Resetting to Blank
  • Lists
    • Create: graphType:bar pop-up on SAVE
    • Edit: graphType:bar pop-up on SAVE
    • View: Items that are selected, but not visible, are deleted
    • Edit: Potential error in super list on create and deploy
  • Polls: Javascript error on page load
  • Publishing: RSS feed links in foreach loop are not converting to tracked links
  • Realm (Account)
    • Create: clears the custom Realm Colors for other realms
    • Create: No DB Profile Error in Servlet when creating as PLA
    • Create: Realm Color Error and NPE for child
    • Edit: Using quotes in Description truncates text
  • Schedule Tasks: Error in logs for events scheduled in deleted realms
  • Segmentation
    • Advanced: Missing NOLOCK for custom fields
    • n-Way Wizard: Javascript error on page load
  • Create Subscriber: Javascript error on page load
  • Reports
    • Activity Overview: Menu remains open after page loads
    • Activity Overview: Error in Dev Console on page load
    • Campaign Overview: Error in Dev Console on page load
    • Campaign Details: Display indicator while graphs are loading
    • Campaign Details: Tracking Opens and Clicks stats are not filling
    • Report Details: Does not load any results when too much data
    • Report Details: Link to Campaign Details loads broken page
    • Campaign Report Wizard: Errant word on page
    • Conversion Tracking Report Data: javascript error on page load
    • List Overview: Chart shows dates twice
    • List Overview: Error in Dev Console on page update
    • List Overview: Line graph includes days with no data
    • List Overview: Scroll bar to right in Worst section
    • List Overview: Too much space in Best/Worst section
    • List Report: Sub/Unsub chart first column is cut off
    • Quick Reports: Page times out with too much data
    • Dashboard: Path Analysis + menu does not work
    • Dashboard: Refreshes several times then returns to Login page
    • Dashboard: javascript error on page load
    • Dashboard: javascript error in Dev Console


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