Version 11.9 - April 6, 2016

v11.9.0 release includes normal maintenance improvements, and prepares for a new method to store Custom Data in order to improve data storage and reporting.

11.9.0 - 4/6/2016

New Features

  • RSS: Support Images in RSS Feeds


  • Omniture: Changes to the file formats
  • Batch Unsubscribe: Display message if Subscriber does not exist
  • Layout Editor: Add version to force clearing cache
  • Site UI:
    • System Messages: Update Colors with New Branding
    • Progress Bar: Update Colors with New Branding
    • Relational Stats: Update Colors with New Branding
    • Stats Charts: Update .gif Colors with New Branding
    • A/B Tasks: Update Graph Colors with New Branding
    • Relational Query: Update Colors with New Branding
  • n-Way: Rename "Enhanced" to just n-Way
  • Edit Realm: Move Delete VMTA error message to top of page
  • Quick Reports: Add View Block Bounces
  • Quick Reports: Add View Abuse Complaint Bounces
  • Workflow: show the suppression name instead of uploaded file name


  • Admin Tools: ExecuteSql Issue evaluating UNIQUE Indexes
  • Omniture: OmniConfigInstaller stabilization
  • Layout Editor:
    • Scrollbar routinely freezes, works intermittently in right edit pane
    • Can no longer edit Layout once hyperlink is added and saved
    • Cannot edit created layout
    • Slash in name saves but will not allow creative to open
  • Themes: Page will not load items, throws Unexpected Token error
  • Campaign Details: Cannot read white text spanning outside of charts
  • Segmentation: N-Way - Button Colour Success should be green
  • File Manager: Incorrect href to view tasks page
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Clicking ADVANCED clears Fillin fields
  • Fullstory throws javascript error
  • Menu: Batch Subscribe and Batch Unsubscribe should be hidden in Customer Key realm
  • Onboarding: Space After Number on Edit Account Page
  • Edit Realm: Layout Palette Misspelling in Error Message
  • Quick Reports: Export does not show any indication anything happened
  • Quick Reports: Export menu options do not indicate on hover
  • Dashboard: not populated for certain days
  • Custom Report Wizard: Returns Column Headers Only
  • Reports: Bounce counts do not correlate
  • List Overview: Subs/Unsubs charts are different depending on Summary chart
  • Standard Segmentation: Empty Date Fields Freeze Canvas


Document new support for Images in RSS feeds

Document removal of Simple n-Way wizard

11.9.1 - 4/7/2016


  • Security: Disable login notification

11.9.1 - 4/7/2016


  • Layout Editor: Allow space in name on save
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