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From the Edit List page, you can Search for Contacts who are subscribed to the list. 

To Search for Contacts from Edit List page

  1. Go to LISTS > VIEW LISTS to view the Lists. 
  2. Click a List to open it in the Edit List page. 
  3. Click the SEARCH tab.
  4. Enter any combination of Email Address, First Name, and/or Last Name.  This may be a full or partial string. If the Realm requires Contact Customer Key, an additional field allows you to include Customer Key in the search.
  5. Click SEARCH

The results will appear below the search fields. Only the first 50 matches are displayed.  If more than 50 results are found, a notification displays with a link to the full Contact Search feature.

NOTE: The options to Cancel, Delete, or Save a list are not available from the Search tab.  Be sure to save your changes to your list before using the Search option.  If you make changes to the List properties and did not save, all changes will be lost when you click Search to submit the query.

*Feature added in v11.12.0

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