The REST API uses pagination to limit the response size for resources that return a potentially large collection of items. A value of skip is returned in the object and can be passed in the next call to get the next page of results. The default limit per page is 500 items.  

Use the "skip" parameter to retrieve the desired numbers of results. A request to a paged API results in a values array wrapped in a JSON object with paging metadata at the end of the result set, for example:

        "itemValues" : value,
        "skip" : 500,
        "max" : 0

If you receive a skip value of 0 for a collection, the pagination has not yet been implemented for the resource.  

The "skip" parameter indicates which item should be used as the first item in the page of results.  If the skip value is less than 500 or the modulus of  the skip value and 500 is not 0, then you have reached the end of the results. 

For example, to find the three groups of 500 Contacts in a list of 1455, the URIs would be formatted as:

  1. https://[siteurl]/rest/lists/[listId]/subscribers?skip=0
  2. https://[siteurl]/rest/lists/[listId]/subscribers?skip=500
  3. https://[siteurl]/rest/lists/[listId]/subscribers?skip=1000

The "max" parameter is not currently in use.

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