Version 11.13 - June 29, 2016

v11.13.0 release includes improvements to the Campaign Report and Event Reports to allow inclusion of additional campaign data, performance and summary improvements to Dashboard and Campaign Overview report pages, a new view in the Creative Library to improve use and page performance, as well as preparation for several future new features, and continued bug fixes.

11.13.0 - 6/29/2016

New Features

  • Rest API Beta Features, only available to Beta customers


  • Deploy Campaign: Support data tags in Google Analytics fields
  • Campaign Overview: Add List Attribute filter
  • Campaign Overview: Add button to refresh campaign summary data for yesterday
  • Dashboard: Add buttons to refresh Campaign Summary data
  • Campaign Details: Add button to refresh campaign summary data by campaign
  • Campaign Report and Schedule Campaign Report:
    • Add option to include Campaign ID
    • Add option to include Subject Line
  • Event Wizard and Schedule Event Report:
    • Add option to include Campaign Name/Alias
    • Add option to include ID
    • Add option to include Subject
  • Creative Library: Replace tile view with new List navigation page
  • Lists:
    • Move List Action selection to the top right
    • Attributes: Hide Cancel/Delete/Save buttons to prevent confusion
    • Search: Hide the Cancel/Delete/Save buttons to prevent confusion
    • Search: Allow to search by Customer Key
  • OEM: New Password Page should use OEM Large Image


  • Omniture: Do not process Integrations for Realms not enabled
  • FTP API Relational Commands:
    • relationalsave: support multiple subscribers in command
    • relationalsave: import fails with no task history error
  • HTTP API Relational Commands:
    • rdbaddmultiplefields missing required argument
    • rdbaddfields missing required argument
    • rdbaddtable has no arguments to set flags
    • rdbdeletedata invalid column name needs FAILURE message
    • rdbfinddata Returning No Results
    • rdbimportstatus failing with date parameters
    • rdbimportstatus invalid calls need FAILURE message
  • Campaign Details: Text is obscured by bars in IE11
  • Compare Lists: Large number of Secondary Lists makes Continue buttons inaccessible
  • Login: Password Reset Error redirect page layout issues
  • Standard Segmentation: JSON Error displayed when save with Custom Fields
  • Task History: Showing other realms files
  • Edit Realm: Cannot Update Realm After Windsor Circle Enabled
  • Relational:
    • Do not create duplicate subscriber table entry
    • Changing permissions to edit data, import, segment causes error
    • All new tables default to edit, import, export, seg options upon Save


11.13.1 - 6/30/2016


  • FTP API: Processor missing some files

11.13.2 - 7/1/2016


  • Google Analytics converts URL to lowercase if no UTM tags are enabled for campaign

11.13.3 - 7/1/2016


  • API improvements
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