Version 11.15 - August 10, 2016

v11.15.0 release includes improvements to Relational FTP API import allowing for alternate delimiters, Marketing Automation Reporting to display aggregated data, preparation for several future new features, and continued bug fixes.

11.15.0 - 8/10/2016


  • Marketing Automation: Overview - Sections based off action, not campaign
  • FTP API Relational Import: Add option for alternate delimiter


  • Login: Reset/Forgot Password Landing Page corrected to ‘Password Sent’ page
  • Standard Segmentation: Days after anniversary of returns inaccurate results
  • Standard Segmentation - [Year of] [Not equals to] finds [Equals to]
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Deployed immediately on saving if date/time set prior to current time
  • Bounce Search: Results not displayed when 'All' Bounce Type is selected
  • Google Analytics: Some Marketing Automation Campaigns not adding GA parameters
  • Edit Realm: Google Analytics fields do not clear on update
  • Schedule Event Report: Dates incorrectly formatted
  • Event Report Wizard: Dates incorrectly formatted
  • Login: Temporary IP page flashes then returns to Login screen
  • OEM: Password reset email uses incorrect login URL


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