Get Failure: Document or Object Moved


I have a Template that uses (any) Get tag.  When I deploy using that Template, the email I receive says "Object Moved This document may be found here."  What is happening?


Typically, this occurs when the URL used in the command is not the same as the page you are trying to pull.  The difference may be subtle and if you paste that URL in your browser you may be forwarded to the correct page.  However, the system does not handle redirects like a browser.

To determine the issue, click on the hyperlinked 'here' value in the message you received.  Compare the URL in the address bar of that page with what was entered in the Template.  Make sure they match exactly.  (e.g. If the page is, make sure the page defined in the Get URL in the Template is not

If you are not able to determine the issue and need further assistance, please contact our Support Team.


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