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List Attributes allow you to define values in a list that can be pulled into a template. This provides the ability to set values associated with the list and use them to customize your message.  

The system supports up to fifty* List Attributes. List attributes are shared by all lists in the Realm. However, the value is specific to each list. This means that the value of em_list_salesperson may be Tom Smith in List A, but Sally Jones in List B.

Only those attributes that contain a Value will fill in your content based on the List deployed and the tag(s) defined in the content.  For example, you have defined three attributes in your Lists: version, frequency, source.  The tags for these attributes are: %%$em_list_version%%, %%$em_list_frequency%%, %%$em_list_source%%.  However, in your List, you have only set the value for frequency: Monthly.  When you deploy your campaign, only the tag for %%$em_list_frequency%% will be defined.

List Attributes can be defined and set for both Lists and List Definitions.  When creating a new List from a List Definition, the List will inherit the Attributes defined in the List Definition.  In addition, creating a copy of a List or List Definition will create an exact copy, including all defined Attributes.

List Attributes do not support the use of Template Tags as the value.  However, you may save HTML for each Attribute, including Image and URL HTML tags.  HTML can only be saved for an Attribute that has already been defined.  You cannot enter HTML into a Value field when you create a new Attribute.

An example use of List Attributes is to support your various Newsletters.  If you have separate Lists for each newsletter, you may create attributes to define the Newsletter name, frequency, logo image, and URL to a related site.  If you have three newsletters, you can send campaigns which use the same template, such as a generic Welcome message, but insert newsletter specific details based on the targeted List using the List Attribute Tags.  

See List Attribute Tags for more information on using the tags in your content.

To View List Attributes

  1. Go to Lists > Lists and click on any list or go to List > List Definitions and click any definition.
  2. Click the Attributes tab.  

NOTE: The options to Cancel, Delete, or Save a list are not available from the Attributes tab.  When you click ADDSAVE, or DELETE in List Attributes, any changes that were made in other List Properties tabs will be lost.  Be sure to save any changes to List Properties before adding or editing List Attributes.


To Create an Attribute

  1. Enter a unique name in the Attribute field.  The name cannot contain spaces or special characters other than underscore (_).
  2. Define a corresponding value in the Value field. This value will only be used in campaigns deployed from this specific list.
    NOTE: For security reasons, HTML cannot be stored in the Value field at time of creation.  Instead, you must Add the new Attribute with a blank value, then edit the Attribute to add the HTML to the Value.  
  3. Click Add.

Once created, the List Attribute name is prepended with the email list tag identifier "em_list_" and the name is stored in all lower case characters. If you create an attribute named Salesperson, the Attribute Tag is em_list_salesperson.

To Edit an Attribute

To edit an Attribute Value, change the text in the value box and click the Save link to the right of the Attribute.  An Attribute Name cannot be edited.  

To Delete an Attribute

To remove an Attribute, click the Delete link to the right of the Attribute.  This will remove the Attribute from all lists in the Realm.  You will receive no warning notification.  All Templates or Articles that contain Tags for the deleted Attribute should be edited to remove references to the Tag.


*Feature introduced in v11.10.

*Updated to allow up to 50 Attributes in v12.03.

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