Version 11.10 - April 27, 2016

v11.10.0 release includes two new features as well as several improvements for the Layout Editor.  Other minor fixes and improvements help round out the release.

11.10.0 - 4/27/2016

New Features

  • List Attributes: Define Attributes for Lists and use the information to populate Tags within deployed content.  See related documentation below.
  • Google Analytics: Add new Tags and allow customization at the Template and at time of deployment


  • A/B Campaign Details: Update Graph Colors with New Branding
  • Onboarding: Increase character limit for notes
  • Onboarding: Add various links to documents
  • Alias Manager: Remove salesforce macro drop-down
  • HTTP API: Add Global Unsubscribes to show_campaign_stats output results
  • Campaign Details: Label Complaints Chart
  • Marketing Automation: Campaign name in Notification Email does not reflect current name
  • Layout Editor:
    • Track Employee changes to Theme/Layout
    • Allow Employee raw HTML edit page
    • Add a Close button and Save button per Module within Layout
    • Add missing CKEditor toolbar plugins from templates CKEditor
    • Change Verbiage on Page
    • Add Loading Progress Indicator to Theme
  • Edit Subscriber: Hyperlink to Custom Fields Data
  • Menu: Customer Care Remove Site Guide


  • Google Analytics:
    • Link does not use Template name at time Campaign was sent
    • Anchor in URL doesn't work if GA attached
  • Marketing Automation:
    • Grammatical Error on Deployment Summary Page
    • Overview: Deploy events showing 'NO NAME'
  • Bounce Search: 'Unknown' Bounce Type is not used to filter results
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Validate when scheduling campaign to list with 0 subscribers
  • Campaign Details: Link to campaigns not working
  • Layout Editor:
    • Converts standard HTML image dimensions to CSS inline based image dimensions
    • Paste from Work Not Working in Chrome
    • Problem w/ Drop Down in Chrome
  • Menu: Cannot read details in Admin menu
  • Subscriber Search: Do not show Customer Key by default
  • Custom Fields: Update Incompatible Type error when viewing Statistics
  • FTAF: Custom Form is not used if Custom Data needs to be filled
  • Dashboard: Path Analysis Circle Chart Disappears on Click
  • Import Relational: Treats the header row as a data row
  • Login: timeout redirect issue
  • Standard Segmentation:
    • Type mismatch should generate a meaningful error message
    • Generate SQL popup overflows with no scroll bars
  • Template Editor: Horizontal Scroll not working in Chrome for HTML



11.10.1 - 4/28/2016


  • WebServices API: Send error due to List Attributes
  • Layout Editor: update cache version to show new features

11.10.2 - 4/29/2016


  • Improve publishing performance by adding Robot to manage Automation campaigns

11.10.3 - 5/2/2016


  • Content Analysis: Displays blank page instead of results
  • Event Wizard: Cannot select a list to import into

11.10.4 - 5/4/2016


  • List Attributes: Change name of tag from 'list_' to 'em_list'

11.10.5 - 5/6/2016


  • Automation: One-off messages do not deploy
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