Edit List Actions

From the Edit List page, you can also Import or Export Contacts, or Deploy a Campaign.

To Perform an Action from Edit List page

  1. Go to LISTS > VIEW LISTS to view the Lists. 
  2. Click a List to open it in the Edit List page. 
  3. From the listbox labeled "I want to", select to Import Contacts, Export Contacts, or Deploy Campaign.
  4. The corresponding wizard will display with the List selected.  In Import Contacts, the List is not displayed until several pages later, but will remember the List selected.

NOTE: Be sure to save your changes to your list before selecting to Import, Export, or Deploy.  If you had made changes to the List properties and did not save, all changes will be lost as when you leave the page for the selected wizard.  


*New Feature in v11.12.0

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