Version 11.12 - June 9, 2016

v11.12.0 release includes six new features, many existing feature improvements, preparation for some future new features, and continued bug fixes.

11.12.0 - 6/9/2016

New Features

  • Campaign Overview: Add option to export results
  • Automation Overview: Add option to export results
  • List Search: Add ability to search for subscriber from Edit List page
  • List Action: Add option to Import, Export, or Deploy from Edit List page
  • Account Settings: Add OEM settings to Account
  • OEM: Add ability to replace default Login images with branded images


  • Analytics: Omniture tags automatically append to Display Mobile URLs
  • Locked Logins: Allow all Super Users to clear locked login
  • Subscriber Create: Show custom fields in table with type
  • Subscription Form Wizard: Hide menu in Customer Key realm
  • Relational Import: Add option to Allow Duplicates
  • List Attributes: Copy Values With List
  • Lists: Move List Name to the top left right after the title
  • Login: Forgot Password link should be below Sign In button
  • Help Center: Hide for OEM realms
  • Online Help: Remove from Menu
  • Realm Edit: Remove option to set UI Version 


  • UI Design
    • Media/File Manager: Fix checkbox color to match UI
  • A/B Tasks:
    • Timestamp Year Format in View A/B Tasks
    • Inaccurate Timestamps on View A/B Tasks Page
  • Automation: Publishing errors if a realm is improperly deleted
  • Bounce Mailbox: Invalid validation occurs in Add/Edit page
  • Mail Host: Invalid validation occurs in Add/Edit page
  • Campaign Details:
    • Text is obscured by bars in Firefox
    • Opens sentence needs correction
  • Campaign Reporting: Open percentage calculations differ and are not rounding
  • Campaign Overview: Export to CSV throws error
  • Creative Library:
    • Can't Save Changes to Theme
    • Layouts sorting order is no longer alphabetical
  • Layout Editor: Cannot change layout name after saved with original name
  • Standard Segmentation UI:
    • CSS issues in IE11 and Firefox
    • Old style button appears and remains
    • Cannot select date if nested more than two deep
    • Value of Date with IN/NOT IN text box cuts off entry
  • Standard Segmentation: Custom Fields prefixed with 'custom_' do not save
  • OEM:
    • Remove WhatCounts Text on Login Page Title
    • Remove WhatCounts logo before customer logo
    • Remove WhatCounts logo from Search
  • Automation Overview: Change direction of expand image
  • Menu: Menus do not display on Generate Subscribe Link page
  • Omniture:
    • Campaigns Fail If Integration Not Specified
    • Ensure Omniture is both enabled and integrated


11.12.1 - 6/10/2016


  • OEM: Header image appears duplicated after login
  • HTTP API: PageNum error in rpt_tracked_events command
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