Version 11.16 - September 1, 2016

v11.16.0 release focuses primarily on the preparations for several new features, but also includes improvements to segmentation rules and their parameters, and continued bug fixes.

11.16.0 - 9/1/2016


  • Segmentation Rules: Zip code range increased to a 100 miles radius
  • Google Analytics: Support Campaign ID tag


  • Segmentation: "Anniversary Of" labels have been renamed for clarity
  • Windsor Circle: Export and Query links removed from the tables 

Deprecated Features

  • RSS subscription feature removal from:
    • Subscription Form Wizard
    • List & List Definition properties
    • Deploy Campaign Wizard
    • Schedule Campaign Wizard
    • Target RSS option in APIs

11.16.1 - 9/7/2016


  • Omniture FTP processing improvement
  • Users: Error when attempt to edit



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