Customize Google Analytics Values Using Campaign Information

Special tags can be used to insert campaign information into Google Analytics tags. Five tags are available:


Tag Output Example Result
%%TEMPLATE_NAME%% Name of the template used in the campaign. My Template
%%LIST_NAME%% Name of the list used in the campaign. My List
%%SEGMENTATION_NAME%% Name of the segmentation used in the campaign (if applicable). My Segmentation
%%CAMPAIGN_NAME%% Name of the campaign (if name is defined). My Campaign
%%$__campaign_id%% ID of the campaign. 123


These tags can be used when enabling Google Analytics for your account and when adding Google Analytics to your campaign. To use the tags, place them into the Google Analytics values boxes:



The tags can be placed into any box in any order.

NOTE: The Campaign ID tag has two underscores (__) following the dollar sign ($).

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