Delete Label

Delete a Label if it is no longer valid. Labels associated to Smart Lists cannot be deleted until all associations are first removed by deleting the Smart List.

To Delete a Label

  1. Go to CUSTOMER CARE > LABEL MANAGEMENT to view the list of Labels.
  2. Click click DELETE next to the Label to remove.  This will display the Delete Label popup.
  3. Click DELETE to remove the Label.  Click CANCEL to return to the Labels page without deleting the Label.  If the Label is associated with a Smart List, a failure notification displays.

Warning: Deleting a Label will remove it and all associations from the system.  A deleted Label cannot be recovered as they are completely removed from the system.  Deleting a Label will not delete the item to which it is associated.  For example, deleting a Label associated to a List will remove the Label from the List, but will not remove the List. 

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