Version 12.02 - October 26, 2016

v12.02.0 release contains continued improvements for new features introduced in v12.01.0 documentation for features, as well as additional bug fixes. Additionally, more documentation for new features will release throughout the next few weeks.

12.02.0 - 10/26/2016

New Features

  • Account Profiles: Support for account level fields to define and add to Templates during deployment added to the HTTP API.
  • Smart Lists: Support added to WebServices API and BETA Rest API.  


  • Account Activity: Add Forms and Account Profiles counts
  • Account Profiles: 
    • Export results missing column header
    • Compare doesn't recognize data after first saved
    • Fields: Display more consistent error for invalid characters
    • Fields: Display error when required field blank
    • Fields: Correct Duplicate Error message
  • Deploy Campaign: Hide Account Profile for Marketing Automation
  • Template Preview: 
    • Add Account Profile 
    • Add Lists
    • Add Subscriber First Name
  • Forms: 
    • Subscribe button formatting issue
    • Image Module image size
    • Header/Title module formatting
  • Publishing: Warn when big template campaigns are kicking off
  • Video Library: Update to new UI
  • Add/Edit Template: Update Video popup


  • Account Profiles: 
    • Export success message displays .xlsx
    • Export All as .csv
    • Default appears to be editable but not
    • Fields: Name does not appear in Delete popup
  • Article: do not allow Grammarly to be inserted
  • Template: do not allow Grammarly to be inserted
  • Automation Overview: 
    • Error displayed when filtering on Phases/Categories/Types
    • Campaigns list arrow displays in wrong direction by default
  • Creative Library: Theme Manager can see 'Edit Themes/Layouts' item
  • Forms: 
    • Required Field option forces user to check all boxes
    • Get Form tab saved options clear when change radio button
    • Pressing ENTER in field causes more options to be added to List module
    • Font fields applies font to strings in the listbox
    • List page UI issue
    • Popup font blurry in certain browsers/resolutions
  • Listctrl: multi-list subscribe form ignores captcha requirement
  • Lists: 
    • Smartlist Counts All Showing 0
    • Add support for Smartlist
  • Reports: Active Subscribers report Not Running for Smart Lists
  • Preference Site: Testing does not work with
  • Quick Reports: Export results are empty
  • Login: Error after change password
  • Password Expiration: Cannot Change Password Through Pop-up
  • Subscriber Search: Finds no results if search term contains leading whitespace


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