Version 12.00 - September 21, 2016

v12.00.0 release is the final step in preparation for several new features.  In the interim, other issues have been addressed and improvements made.

12.00.0 - 9/21/2016


  • All Schedule Reports: Add option on final page of wizard to not to save file in the File Manager if the file is sent as FTP
  • File Manager: Improve page loading performance
  • Schedule/Deploy Campaign: Hide Advanced settings when deploying an Automation Campaign
  • Publishing: Add Feedback-ID header for Gmail/Google Feedback Loop


  • Account Edit for OEM: Grandchildren realms can't see Parent realm setting
  • Deploy Campaigns: Google Analytics values lost when go BACK to prior page in wizard
  • FTP API: Pipe-delimited relational file also delimits on commas
  • Relational Tables: ClearData option unchecks itself on Save
  • List: Copying a List copies incorrect List-Unsubscribe value
  • List Definition: Incorrect List-Unsubscribe value is added to List
  • Automation Overview: Daily sends not reported as expected
  • Automation: Save Deactivate Campaign date
  • Automation: Deploy Action - Do not allow selection of lists with workflow enabled
  • Standard Segmentation: When attempt to open Old UI Rules, instruct user to convert rule
  • Standard Segmentation: Cannot save seg rule with 45mi setting on Zip Code Range
  • FTAF: Does not fill custom fields if 'Friend' has subscriber record
  • ListCTRL: Does not fill existing data if Confirmation required
  • Schedule Reports: Date error on months with 31 days


12.00.1 - 9/23/2016


  • Campaign Details: Link to open Template not displaying expected page

12.00.2 - 9/30/2016


  • HTTP API: Subscribe with Confirmation required is not sending Confirmation email
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