Version 12.01 - October 5, 2016

v12.01.0 release contains several new features.  Documentation for these features will be available shortly.

12.01.0 - 10/05/2016

New Features

  • Account Profiles: Account level fields to define and add to Templates during deployment. These must be defined by an Admin, and then can be used when deploying campaigns. Documentation coming soon.
  • Smart Lists: Ability to deploy campaigns to subscribers based on segmentation regardless of which list the subscriber is subscribed to.  
  • Custom Forms: Ability to create pop up subscription forms.  This feature is not available for all Accounts.  Please contact your Account Manager for details.


  • Theme Editor: Overwriting a Theme's HTML causes a ";" to appear before all module names
  • Create Account: PLA cannot create new realm
  • Subscriber Edit: Country code missing GB - Great Britain

12.01.1 - 10/07/2016


  • Login: Update to use smaller file size image

12.01.2 - 10/19/2016


  • Publishing: Error when getting List for realms with new Smart List
  • Import: Error when format is NULL

12.01.3 - 10/21/2016


  • FTP API:  Error for subscriber ID when importing using relationalsave


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