Account Profiles are used to define and output custom details about the Realm to your message content.  Account Profiles allow you to define values in in a Profile that can be assigned to a List and then pulled into a Template published as a Campaign. This gives you the ability to set groups of values associated with the Ralm and use them to customize your message.  

Account Profiles support the use of Template Tags within the defined values.  Template Tags to call in content such as Articles, Contact and Custom Data, and Builtin Data Tags are all valid.  You may also save HTML for each Profile, including Image and URL HTML tags.

An example use of Account Profiles is to support your various Store locations.  You may create fields to define the location, address, main contact name, and contact email address.  If you have three store locations, you can send campaigns to target your contacts by Segmentation or List, and include information by selecting the best Account Profile.

Profiles and Fields 

Each Realm supports up to 20 Fields and 50* Profiles to define values for those fields.  Each Profile may contain unique values, or no values at all, for each of the 20 Fields.  For example, if you have a Field acct_pro_location, in one Profile the value is set to Seattle, a second Profile the value is set to Atlanta, and a third Profile the value is empty.

Once defined, you may set a default Profile for each List in your Realm.  Each Realm has one Default Profile where you can define default values for each Field.  When you deploy a campaign to a List with no Profile set, the campaign will use the Default Profile values.  

Only those Fields that contain a Value will fill in your content based on the List deployed and the tag(s) defined in the content.  For example, you have defined three fields in your Profile: contact_name, contact_email, location.  The tags for these attributes are: %%acct_pro_contact_name%%, %%acct_pro_contact_email%%, %%acct_pro_location%%.  However, in your Profile, you have only set the value for location: Seattle.  When you deploy your campaign, only the tag for %%acct_pro_location%% will appear in your message content.

Account Profiles can be set for both Lists and List Definitions.  When creating a new List from a List Definition, the List will inherit the Profile defined in the List Definition.  

See Account Profile Tags for more information on using the tags in your content.  This feature released in v12.01.

Accessing Account Profiles

Account Profiles and Account Profile Fields are accessed from the Customer Care menu.  Go to CUSTOMER CARE > REALM MANAGEMENT > ACCOUNT PROFILES to open the Account Profiles page.

The Account Profiles page shows all existing Profiles.  It is the starting point to create a new Profile, as well as to copy or edit existing Profiles.  



Unique numeric identifier of the Profile.


Click the name of the Profile to access its field values.


A short description of the Profile.


Click COPY to copy the Profile and its defined values.  Click DELETE to delete the Profile and its defined values.  The Default Profile cannot be deleted. 

* V14.00 and later support 50 Account Profiles
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