Create Profile

Create Profile allows you to define a group of Account Profile Fields in which to store reusable Realm related data for publishing to Contacts. 

To Create a Profile

  1. Go to CUSTOMER CARE > REALM MANAGEMENT > ACCOUNT PROFILES.  This will display the Account Profiles page.
  2. Click ADD.
  3. In the Create Profile popup, enter a Name for the Profile, up to 32 characters. 
  4. Enter a Description for the profile to display on the Account Profiles page.
  5. Click SAVE to create the new profile. Click CANCEL to return to the Account Profiles list without saving the new definition.

After you create the Account Profile, the popup will close and the new profile will appear in the Account Profiles page.  Click the profile name to add values for the fields.  Once you reach the maximum number of Profiles, en error will occur if you attempt to add more new Profiles.  

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