Using Profiles

Once you have created your Profiles, you may use Account Profile Tags in your message content and then deploy the content to your Contacts.

To Use Account Profiles and Field Data:

  1. Create Account Profile Fields.
  2. Create Account Profile.
  3. Edit the Account Profile to define the Field values.
  4. Add the Account Profile Tags to your content.
  5. Set the default Account Profile in your List, Name & Addressing properties.
  6. Deploy the content (or Schedule a deployment) to your Contacts.

Adding Tags to Content

Account Profile Tags can be inserted into any deployable content, including Templates, Articles, and Layouts.

To Add a Tag to a Template

  1. Go to CONTENT > TEMPLATES, and ADD a new Template or click a Template to edit.
  2. Place your cursor in the Body at the point you would like to insert the tag.
  3. Click ADD TAGS to display the Template Tags popup.
  4. From Account Profile, select the Field to insert.  
  5. Click INSERT TAG to add the tag to the Body.
  6. Click SAVE to save the changes.

Tags can also be added to Articles and Layouts by inserting the manually created Account Profile Tags into the Article or Layout Body, in the format %%$acct_pro_fieldname%%.

Defining a default Profile for Lists and List Definitions

A Default Profile is available for all Accounts.  However, you may set a specific Profile for each List or List Definition.  This will be the default Profile when you select the List for each deployment.  To set the Profile in your list:

  1. Go to LISTS > LISTS or LISTS > LIST DEFINITION, and ADD a new List or click a List to edit.
  2. Select the Account Profile you wish to use for this List.
  3. Click SAVE to save the changes.

Deploying Content with a Profile

Once the Tags are defined in your content, you can deploy the content to your Contacts even without setting the Profile in your List.  To select a Profile on deploy:

  2. Select the Mailing Type Normal
  3. Select a List.  If the List has a Profile defined, then that Profile will be selected in Account Profile below.
  4. Select a Template.
  5. Select an Account Profile.
  6. Follow the rest of the Deploy Campaign options and pages and deploy the campaign.

The steps to deploy a scheduled campaign, or A/B Tests and Marketing Automation Campaigns are similar, though the Account Profile must be selected manually for A/B Tests and Automation Campaigns.

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