Version 12.03 - November 9, 2016

v12.03.0 release contains continued improvements for new features introduced in v12.01.0 as well as additional bug fixes. Additionally, more documentation for new features will release throughout the next few weeks.  This is the final full release for the year in preparation for the Holiday marketing season.

12.03.0 - 11/9/2016


  • HTTP API: 
    • listAttrCreate: Allow creation of up to 50 attributes
    • listattrgetnames: Add all output_formats and headers
    • listattrgetvales: Add all output_formats and headers 
  • REST API: 
    • Improve error response for Exceptions
    • Subscriptions should not set Format to invalid value
  • Automation Overview: exported results from Overview only include high-level, not drill-down results
  • Forms: 
    • Add formatting tools to Confirmation/Paragraph component
    • Add 'Now' for date inputs
    • Allow define size % and max-width
    • Allow moving of Subscribe button
  • List Attributes: 
    • Allow up to 50 List Attributes to be defined
    • Support HTML in fields
  • Edit List: Validate when decorative address missing quotation marks
  • Relational: Remove WhatCounts branding from Confirmation emails


  • Account Profiles: Do not allow creation of more than 20 fields
  • Announcement: 
    • Display 'x' to close announcement box
    • Cannot view other announcements that should display for same day
  • REST API: Exception updating Subscriber if another with same Email/First already exists
  • Automation Builder: 
    • Error editing Campaign properties
    • Wait Until time changes when saved in other time zones
  • Automation Overview: Statistics do not add up in Campaign section
  • Forms: 
    • Confirmation message does not display styles in Test mode
    • Validation Issue with two text inputs
  • Edit List: 
    • Template Preview icon misplaced
    • Validation displayed several times
  • List Overview: Does not display expected results on page load
  • Media Manager: Fix hardcoded URL for broadcasters
  • Password Reset: Refreshes to Login Screen
  • Current Tasks: Change Column Name to 'Account'
  • Template Editor: Grammarly Code Not Removing on SAAS
  • Video Library: 
    • Last selected file is remembered on Add
    • NPE when attempt to upload with duplicate name


12.03.1 - 11/10/2016


  • Deploy Wizard: Returns to first page of wizard if List From Address improperly formatted

12.03.2 - 11/10/2016


  • Deploy Campaign: Quotes around fillin values causes error
  • HTTP API: excreatelist throws error if Decorative portion does not have correct quotes

12.03.3 - 11/17/2016


  • WebServices API: Add userUnSubscribeOnlyByCustomerKey to unsub only Subscriber with specific Customer Key
  • Deploy Campaign: Account Profile setting itself to blank entry
  • Workflow: fails with double byte characters in subject line
  • Account Profile: Default Profile listed twice when no additional profiles have been created
  • Segmentation: Zip Range options over 50 don't work
  • Standard Segmentation: Zip code range query issue if zip code does not exist
  • Standard Segmentation: Nested conditions generate SQL as if not nested
  • Advanced Segmentation: Zip Code Range returns 0 subscribers

12.03.4 - 11/18/2016


  • Update Logging

12.03.5 - 12/14/2016


  • List Subscribe: Captcha returns "Incorrect Text" error
  • Preference Site: Captcha returns "Incorrect Text" error
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