Version 12.15 - February 15, 2018

v12.15.0 release introduces the new Deploy/Schedule Campaign Wizard, Campaign and Event Reporting Wizards, and Campaign Search page.  Also included in this release are several other bug fixes.

12.15.0 - 2/15/2018

New Features

  • Dashboard
  • Campaign Report Wizard
  • Schedule Campaign Report Wizard
  • Event Wizard
  • Schedule Event Wizard
  • Campaign Search
  • Deploy Wizard
  • Schedule Deployment


  • List Overview: Rename Tag box to Labels


  • Admin Tools: CreateTrackingEvents: NPE
  • REST API: Subscriber added to list does not get put into default Automation
  • Billing Report: Error when click on show report for all realms for last month
  • Calendar: Frequency radio buttons are ordered incorrectly
  • Subscriber Export: Exported custom field dates lack second portion
  • File Manager: Editor has no access but is redirected there after running report
  • Overview: Events do not display if occur days after sent
  • Activity Overview: Typo in Alert Banner
  • Automation Overview: Fix spelling error
  • List Overview: Growth calculated incorrectly
  • List Overview: Does not show date through to current date
  • Segmentation Update JS Response Empty Error for very complex rules against large lists
  • UI: Logo display issue in IE11


12.15.1 - 2/27/2018


  • Deploy Wizard: Cannot deploy if logged in as Editor
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