The dashboard provides quick and valuable data, along with an overall view of the health of your Realm and easy navigation to additional reporting.  

  • Updated: September 2020 
  • Audience: WhatCounts' User 
  • Version: 2.0 

9/3/20 Updates: 


  • Open/Click Rates were removed. You can find this data on the corresponding Overview pages. 

Recent Campaigns

  • Campaign and List are now separate columns 
  • Added Segment as a new column 

Scheduled Events 

  • Clearly sorted by most recently scheduled 


  1. Send Trend 
  2. List Growth 
  3. Sent 
  4. Recent Campaigns 
  5. Scheduled Events 


First Name 

  • First name of user logged in to platform 

Total Sent 

  • Total sent within selected time frame across all campaign types (Deployed + API + Automation + SMS) 

Send Trend 

  • Total Sent within selected time frame by Campaign Type (Deployed, API, Automation, SMS (if SMS feature is enabled) 

List Growth 

  • Total Subscriptions across entire database 
  • Growth / Churn rate based on selected time frame 
  • Total Subscriptions within selected time frame 
  • Total Unsubscribes within selected time frame 

Deployed Emails 

  • Total sent within timeframe (Deployed only) 

Automation Emails 

  • Total sent within timeframe (Automation only)  

API Emails 

  • Total sent within timeframe (API only) 

SMS Messages 

  • Total sent within timeframe (SMS only) 

Recent Campaigns 

  • Five most recent campaigns launched to at least 500 contacts  

Scheduled Events 

  • Five upcoming scheduled events (includes reports and exports)   
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