FTP Manager

When using the Campaign Report Wizard or Event Wizard it is possible to send the results of the report to a remote FTP or SFTP destination, this is helpful for synchronizing contact and email engagement data between WhatCounts and your managed CRM, ERP or similar customer databases.

By configuring access to your remote FTP or SFTP server the results of ad hoc and scheduled reports and data exports will appear automatically on your company-hosted servers, removing the need for any individual to manually provide exports from the WhatCounts platform.


Task Roadmap

  1. Add FTP Credentials
  2. Test FTP Credentials


Preparing To Use The Feature

  • You will need to have an FTP or SFTP server running inside your organization and the ability to manage or create user accounts for this server.
  • You may need to partner with IT or other resources in your organization to ensure there are no firewall rules that may affect connectivity issues. This guide will instruct you on how to test connectivity between WhatCounts and your organizations FTP/SFTP server.


Add FTP Credentials

The first step will be adding credentials to access your FTP/SFTP server to WhatCounts. It is possible to store accounts for multiple servers or access points to allow for transmitting logs and reporting to several locations if needed.

From the Reports heading in the Navigation Menu, select FTP Manager. The next screen that appears will display any existing FTP destinations, to add a new one click the blue Add button in the upper right hand corner.

An entry dialog will appear allowing you to enter any necessary FTP/SFTP login credentials. At minimum you will need to provide the FTP Host, FTP User, and Password. Since this represents a connection to a resource hosted by your organization, your internal IT teams should be able to provide you with this information if it is not already available.


Test FTP Credentials

After you have entered your FTP login information in the previous dialog, click the gear icon next to the FTP server entry to test connectivity. The process will attempt to upload a test file with the provided filename to the server.  

An email and on-screen confirmation will appear.  You may need to reach out to IT resources in your organization to confirm the success or failure of the test file.



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