Version 12.18 - March 28, 2018

v12.18.0 release includes bug fixes to many features, as well as the new Campaign Details and Campaign Compare pages accessed from Campaign Search.

12.18.0 - 3/28/2018


  • Layout Editor: Allow user to customize palette in color picker
  • Campaign Details Report: New UI updates
  • Compare Campaigns Details Report: New UI updates
  • Campaign Report Wizard: Update Date Picker 
  • Event Wizard: Update Date Picker 
  • Scheduled Campaign Report Wizard: Update Date Picker 
  • Scheduled Event Wizard: Update Date Picker 


  • Deploy Wizard:
    • Hide From and Reply-to Addresses at top of Review tab for A/B campaigns
    • Unhide Deliverability tab when not set to Send Immediately
    • Display child folder structure in Browse windows
  • Event Wizard: Date Picker hidden if By Event selected
  • Scheduled Deploy Wizard: Scheduled jobs always show Multipart MIME in Review section
  • Calendar Deploy Wizard: Cannot schedule campaigns with 0 pieces
  • SMS Message: Displays incorrect characters remaining/message number
  • Usage Report:
    • Menu does not close after page loads
    • SMS Column alignment issue

12.18.1 - 4/2/2018


  • Rest API: unexpected 500 error code in send

12.18.2 - 4/3/2018


  • Campaign Details: 250ok reports not displaying results in table
  • Usage Report: Error compiling data

12.18.3 - 4/10/2018


  • Deploy Wizard:
    • Does not honor child folder structure in Segmentation Browse window
    • Does not honor child folder structure in List Browse window
  • Edit Account: OEM Login URL does not allow 'whatcounts'
  • Automation: Error messages coming from for OEM
  • Campaign Wizard: URL percentage click columns erroneously included in report
  • Compare Campaigns: Make same styles changes as Campaign Details page
  • Campaign Details:
    • 250ok reports not displayed
    • Some bars in bar graphs are not sized properly
  • Dashboard: Graph does not reflect numbers in modules below for Automation and API
  • REST API: Article POST allows to create a duplicate article.
  • Usage Report: Columns do not sort

12.18.4 - 4/26/2018


  • Deploy Wizard: Suppression lists are not applied to A/B deployments
  • ListCtrl: Confirmation Emails use unknown vmta if none defined for Account
  • Layout Editor:
    • Module names left in layout
    • WYSIWYG Bar is in the way of the Pre-Header Module when editing
    • Saving to template without subject line, uneditable after
  • FTP API: Relational cannot add data to Flat table that doesn't use Subscribers as FK
  • Edit List: Unable to select templates from parent realm
  • Schedule Campaign: Start Date moves forward one day if start time is 12:00am EST
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