API Overview

  • Updated: June 20, 2018

  • Audience: WhatCounts' User

  • Version: 1

The API Overview provides a breakdown of all email campaigns initiated from a transactional API call.  This overview separates any campaigns from those deployed via the UI.

The numbers reflected here do not include campaigns launched and will not appear on the API Overview page.

The following metrics are displayed:

  • Total Messages Sent
  • Total Messages Delivered
  • Total Messages Opened
  • Total Clicks


  • Sent: total number of messages sent
  • Delivered: number of API messages sent minus hard bounces
  • Opens: number of opened events
  • Clicks: number of clicked events
  • Bounced: number of bounces (hard + soft)

Accessing the Overview Page:

  • Navigate to Reports > Overviews > API
  • Using the date selector at the top, input a date range. The default is 7 days.
  • Click Go
  • The page will refresh and compile the metrics for the chosen date range.

**If no campaigns were sent during the chosen data range, then No Data will display at the top of the page**



The graph and tiles below show the events that have taken place on a daily basis and totals them up.



Individual campaigns can also be viewed.  Metrics shown are for the life of the campaign (for the chosen date range)  These metrics may differ from the daily events.


 If you would like to export the report, click the export button and select your preferred format.  The export will be available via the File Manager. Choose Reports > File Manager to access.

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