Version 13.02 - August 30, 2018

Due to performance issues, the v13.02 release was rolled back on Friday, August 31st. the following features, improvements, and bugs will appear in the v13.03 release on Thursday September 13th.

13.02.0 - 8/30/2018

New Features

  • Behavior Tracking: Add Windsor Circle single sign on
  • Scheduled Reports: Add s3 as a report destination


  • Automation
    • Campaigns: Update Date format
    • Definitions: Update Date format
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Add Seed List info to failure notification


  • Rest API: External ID stored as 0
  • Articles: Editing articles through Template Editor UI breaks special characters
  • Campaign Details: Percentage rate stays at 0.00% for opens, clicks, and events
  • Impersonation: Use of 'Clear' generates "Account conflict detected" error
  • Overviews: Delivered metric should exclude hard bounces
  • Scheduled Campaign: Publishing Event with no Subject does not generate error email
  • Subscriber Details: Events tab should show up to 75 events
  • Subscriber Details: Unlink Global Opt Out option
  • Subscriber Details: List opens old version of Edit List page
  • Subscriber Tools: List opens old version of pages
  • UI: Error Message being covered by the pop-up window
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: creates multiple jobs if submit button clicked multiple times


13.02.01 - 8/31/2018


  • Performance issues after release
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