Label Management

When you create or edit items, such as Lists, Templates, Articles, Sign Up Forms, Preference Sites, and SMS messages, you have the option to add Labels to the item. Labels are helpful to group items that have a similar use/purpose. These Labels provide the ability to generate and filter reporting. The ultimate of using the Labels feature is to quickly be able to search for and compare campaign elements together, especially when managing a large subset of lists, templates, or campaigns. For example, you may wish to identify all pieces of a coupon campaign, so you could create the Label 'Coupon' and add it to all of the elements that make up your campaign.

Accessing and Managing Labels

Labels are accessed from the Customer Care menu in the upper right-hand side of the WhatCounts platform.  Navigate to CUSTOMER CARE > LABEL MANAGEMENT to open the Labels page.


The Label Management page allow you to view/search all existing Labels and their usage count in Campaigns, Lists, Templates, Articles, Forms, Preference Sites, Automations, and SMS messages. This is also where you can create new Labels, as well as edit and delete existing Labels.  To get you started there is a selection of default labels to use for tagging and grouping of your campaigns.

To add a new Label, click the blue Add button in the upper right corner of the Label Management page. To note, Labels cannot include special characters and are not case sensitive.


From the Actions menu, you can merge two or more Labels into a single Label for consolidation or grouping previous related Labels or delete existing Labels.

To merge Labels, check the checkboxes of at least two Labels and click Merge and apply a new Label name. 


To delete Labels, check the checkboxes of one or more Labels and click Delete. 


Tagging Elements with Labels

One example of using Labels is tagging emails by communication type such as marketing vs. transactional, or getting more granular with the types of messaging such as newsletter, holiday, survey, or welcome.

Another frequent use case for using Labels is to tag and monitor individual sends within a recurring campaign, such as your weekly newsletter, allowing you to easily compare and contrast performance of these related campaigns over time.

You can tag the following elements with up to 10 Labels:

  • Lists
  • Templates
  • Articles 
  • Sign Up Forms 
  • Preference Sites 
  • SMS Messages
  • Automation Campaigns
  • Deployed Campaigns 

For example, you can tag Campaigns in the following ways:

From the Deploy Wizard, you can tag a Campaign with Labels before it is deployed. To tag a Campaign from the Deploy Wizard navigate to TASKS > DEPLOY WIZARD.  On the second step of the Deploy Wizard you will see the Labels field at the bottom

  1. Select which type of campaign to create.
  2. Proceed to the second step of the Deploy Wizard and see the Label field at the bottom. Begin typing and click the Label you wish to use. It will appear in the field.
  3. If the Label you want does not exist, you can create it directly in the Labels field.
  4. To remove the Label, click the X on the right.
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add additional Labels.  
  6. Click NEXT to proceed with the Deploy Wizard

You can also tag Campaigns after they have been deployed from the Campaign Details page. To tag a Campaign from Campaign Details navigate to REPORTS > CAMPAIGN SEARCH

  1. Select a Campaign from the table to be directed to the Campaign Details page
  2. In the Campaign Details section at the top of the page, click the blue 'edit' link beside Labels in the Overview tab.
  3. In the Edit Labels modal, begin typing and click the Label you wish to use to select it. It will appear in the field.
  4. If the Label you want does not exist, you can create it directly in the Labels field.
  5. To remove the Label, click the X on the right.
  6. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add additional Labels.  
  7. Click SAVE to close the modal

Note: When you add Labels to Automation Campaigns, the Labels are applied to all Deploy Email Actions in the Campaign.

Filtering Reporting by Labels

Labels make it easier to monitor and compare campaign elements together when analyzing reporting and overview data. 

You can filter the following pages by Labels: 

  • List Overview page 
  • Deployed Overview page 
  • Automation Overview page 
  • API Overview page 
  • Campaign Search page  

To filter a page by Labels, access the page you wish to filter.  For example, to filter the Deployed Overview page, go to REPORTS > OVERVIEWS > DEPLOYED.

  1. Click in the Labels field to view a list of available Labels.  Alternately, begin typing in the field to filter the Labels.  
  2. Click the Label(s) you wish to use to select it. It will appear in the field.
  3. Select a date range to review and click the blue Go buttonfilter-labels.gif
  4. To remove Labels, click the X on the right.


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