Version 13.07 - November 8, 2018

13.07.0 - 11/08/2018 

This will be the last scheduled release for the year.  Release schedule will resume in January 2019.

New Features

  • N/A


  • A/B Publishing: Update copy in confirmation email sent after tie is reached
  • FTP API: Write errors to Task History
  • REST API: Add External ID to Send Message with Custom Content method
  • Audit Reports: Scheduled Event UPDATE does not show up in Audit list
  • Campaign Failure Email: Include Task ID in failed due to not created
  • Deploy Wizard: Display "Template Size" warning when over threshold
  • Layout Editor: Size limit error message prevents upload of alternate file
  • List Report:
    • Add Segmentation and Sent columns
    • Hide Campaign End column
    • Remove Campaign from column headers
  • Segmentation Test Results:
    • Auto-adjust columns but keep max-width
    • Convert date/time format of Queued Time and Start Time columns
    •  Add tool tips for all items in other columns
  • Template Editor:
    • Size limit error message prevents upload of alternate file
    • Display "Template Size" warning when over threshold


  • FTP API: Schedule Deployment causes error when open scheduled item in UI
  • Rest API: page_chrome exposes user hashed password
  • Automation: Robot randomly dies trying to archive an active_action to action_history
  • Import: Do not allow selection of Super List
  • Scheduled Campaign Deployment: Send Failure Message from deleted Segmentation to Admin Email
  • A/B Publishing: Invalid column exception in the logs
  • Standard Segmentation:
    • Errors do not display for Relational issues
    • Does not build the relational hierarchy correctly
    • Relational not generating sql for float field where in value contains a decimal - non-axiom
    • Test against Smart List displays yellow message instead of green
    • Warning message when testing against Smart List does not display
  • Segmentation Test Results: Two results show for each test on Saas


13.07.1 - 11/09/2018 


  • Media/File Manager: HTTP 500 error for users below PLA
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