Version 14.00 - January 10, 2019

14.00.0 - 01/10/2019 

Bi-weekly release schedule resumes with this first release of the year.

New Features


    • Update Create List call to return List Id
    • Update isSubscriberOnList call to match HTTP API findinlist call
  • Campaign Search: Add Segmentation to Keyword search
  • Layout Editor: Display error when uploading an image with space or special character in the name
  • Media Manager: retry s3 sync on failure
  • Segmentation Test Results:
    • Adjust names and visible columns
    • Display no Count when task is running
    • Do not auto refresh
  • SMS:
    • Optimize tabbed page
    • Remove all options in Country drop-down except US
    • Remove Start tab
  • Template Editor: Display error when uploading an image with space or special character in the name
  • UI: Update Favicon and Login images
  • New User: Send email from Admin Email "on behalf of" user
  • Reset Password: Credentials email uses current user's email address, may fail on SPF
  • Publishing improvements


  • A/B Campaign:
    • Admin message is not sent after test samples publish when impersonating realm
    • Winner notification not sent when impersonating realm
  • Account Details: Links go to old UI pages
  • Task History: Improve notifications for FTP API Relational csv import
  • Subscriber Export: Tab delimited results use wrong date format
  • Sign Up Form Builder: Remove employee notification when creating new form
  • Realm Settings: Google Analytics Values mixed items not allowed
  • Layout Editor: Quotes cause Save As Template drop-down to not populate
  • List Edit: Report Tab missing
  • Remarketing: "Opened & Did Not Click" not returning correct results
  • API Overview: Bounce counts in activity details not changing or rolling up for the selected timeframe
  • Campaign Details: 'All Users' notation missing when Segmentation Rule not used
  • Event Wizard:
    • No error generated when total number of campaigns is too high for report
    • External ID per Campaign is reporting the same for each row
  • SMS: Emoji icons are not accessible in the message text field
  • Standard Segmentation: Date field validation improvement


14.00.01 - 01/11/2019 

Patch release


  • N-way Segments: not creating as expected on Customer Key realm
  • Ecommerce: Cannot enable on a newly created Account realm.
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