Version 14.03 - March 07, 2019

14.03.0 - 03/07/2019 

v14.02 release version does not exist due to an unforseen issue on the originally planned release date.  v14.03 incorporates the changes from v14.02 and additional improvements.  This release focuses on resolving issues and updating the UI in Lists, Articles, Users, and Dashboard.

New Features

  • UI: New user interface in Lists, Articles, Users and Dashboard
  • SMS: Support Shared Sender Codes


  • UI: Change the field name label 'Account' to 'Realm'
  • List-Unsubscribe: Support convert lowercase template tags with no $
  • Campaign Summary: Daily Summary improvements


  • Realm Products: Error if enable products from another realm
  • Campaign Search:
    • No Subject Line displayed in Campaign Search page if no clicks or opens
    • Allow special characters in Filter
    • Including Segmentation Name in Keyword search returns 0 results
  • Creative Library: Ampersand in Layout changed to & on Save
  • Sign Up Form Builder: Test feature does not redirect to confirmation with Banners
  • HTTP API: Error when try to insert data into RDB table rdbsavedata
  • A/B Definitions: Quotation Marks and Ellipsis convert to Symbols
  • Event Wizard: Date picker allows From date after To date for events by date 
  • Subscriber Export: Tries to pull orphaned Subscribers from deleted Lists, slowing processing
  • Super List: Copy does not copy Member Lists
  • Layout Editor: Image URLs not in Image Properties
  • Event Based Segmentation: Campaigns link to old version of page


  • Learning Center: Change the wording "Account" in reference to realms on the system to "Realm"
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