Campaign Restart

Restarting a Campaign is necessary only on Broadcasters without track sends.  On any system with track sends, the preferable way to send to Contacts who did not receive a particular Campaign for some reason is to use a Segmentation Rule.

Contacts on the selected List will be mailed ONLY if the last sent value in their Subscription for that List is LESS THAN the value entered in the Restart Campaign ID field.  Contacts who were sent a Campaign subsequent to the one you are Restarting will not be included in the Restart.

Before starting this process, go to Campaigns to obtain the appropriate Campaign ID and settings for the Restart.  (Check the 'Show zero sent' box as necessary.) All items (List, Template, Segmentation, etc.) must be reselected during the Restart.

Steps to Restart a Campaign

  1. Go to Tasks > Deploy Campaign
  2. Make all appropriate selections (e.g. List and Template) and enter values as necessary.
  3. In Advanced check the box next to Restart?
  4. Enter the appropriate value in the Campaign Id field.
  5. Proceed through the rest of the wizard and DEPLOY when complete.


  1. Campaign Restart is only available for users with Super User permissions.
  2. If the Restart? box is not checked, the entered Campaign Id will be ignored and the Campaign will be sent to the entire List.
  3. The Number of Contacts on the Confirmation screen will not reflect the number of Contacts who will be mailed.  The Confirmation email will reflect the correct value.
  4. Reporting from the Campaign Restart will be combined with that of the original Campaign.
  5. If the List has Workflow, it must be disabled first or the Campaign Restart will fail.
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