Version 14.09 - May 30, 2019

14.09.00 - 05/30/2019

v14.09 resolves issues and prepares for continued UI updates. 

New Features

  • None


  • Templates
    • Show Delete disabled when Template used by Automation Campaign
    • Add Reactivate icon-button-component to row level actions


  • List Definition: Error does not clear when Copy Modal closed
  • List: Sort by ID is not sorting incorrectly
  • Menu: Tool tip missing for icons in upper right 
  • Templates:
    • Add Template from Layout does not validate Subject Line length
    • Add Template from Layout saves Template Subject blank
    • Add Template from Layout modal formatting issue
    • Add Template from Layout allows Template Name with special character
    • Folder set to Unfiled shows all items
  • Opt Out Wizard: Goes to new Lists page when complete
  • API Overview: Does not show all campaigns


  • None

14.09.01 - 06/08/2019

Patch Release


  • API HTTP: Improve speed of Find and FindinList
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