Version 14.11 - June 27, 2019

14.11.00 - 06/27/2019

v14.11 resolves issues, provides updated UI for Deployed and API Overview pages, and prepares for continued UI updates.

New Features

  • Deployed Overview update to new UI
  • API Overview update to new UI


  • Signup Form Builder: Update so that the modal will only ever appear once


  • Automation:
    • Create Definition Fails
    • Copy Campaign causes error
    • Google Analytics section of "Deploy Email" action spelled incorrectly

  • Articles: Update format for an old article causes error
  • Audit Reports:
    • Add support for new Template UI actions
    • Add support for new Article UI actions
    • Add support for new List UI actions
  • Bounce Phrases: Error on Save
  • List Control: Incorrect error message on unsubscribe from deleted List
  • Import: Enforce maximum size on import to Seed List
  • Template: Builtin day tag does not reflect Realm timezone
  • Lists: View Campaigns for a List page is blank
  • List Definitions: Name and Date columns do not sort


  • None
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