Version 14.12 - July 11, 2019

14.12.00 - 07/11/2019

v14.12 resolves issues, provides updated UI for the List Properties pages for Lists and List Definitions, and prepares for continued UI updates.

New Features

  • List Properties: update to new UI (Edit List, Edit List Definition)
  • Publishing: Add ability to use different VMTA for transactional sends via API


  • FTP API: Validate field name on createcustomfields
  • HTTP API: Validate field name on createcustomfields
  • WebServices API: Validate field name on createcustomfields


  • List Definition: Sync Lists changes List Type from Seed to Normal
  • Calendar:
    • Wording next to workflow notice in past task is incorrect
    • Cannot Delete Publishing Event after List is Deleted
  • Export Subscribers: Do not allow browse for Segmentation Rule when All Lists is selected
  • Glider Deployed Overview: Export does not include data for Phases, Types, Categories, Profiles


  • None
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