Version 14.13 - July 25, 2019

14.13.00 - 07/25/2019

v14.13 resolves issues, provides UI improvements for several of the newer pages, and prepares for continued UI updates.  A new feature is available as a fee based service to store an image and HTML copy of each message sent to each subscriber.  

New Features

  • Publishing: APIs can use a specific VMTA for transactional (one-off) sends
  • Email Snapshot: Store an image and HTML copy of each message sent to a subscriber (Fee based service)


  • FTP API: SmartSubscribe add default format (1) if none specified
  • Throttling
    • Add indication that task is throttled Publishing Control
    • Add indication that task is throttled in Current Tasks page
  • Realm Creation: Database selection no longer optional
  • Reporting Overview Pages: Do not automatically close Export results banner
  • Publishing: Improved performance and logging
  • Scheduled Tasks: Improved performance and logging 
  • Ecommerce: Increase timeout values


  • Batch Subscribe: Does not honor Seed List limit
  • Calendar:
    • Task does not appear if current day for Realm Timezone does not match database Day
    • Scheduled Campaigns first of month show up incorrectly in Calendar page depending on timezone
  • API Overview:
    • Labels search does not work
    • Align Sent number
  • Deployed Overview: Column sorts are broken
  • Automation Overview: Graph shows data, but table is returning no data, after using Labels filter
  • Campaign Details:
    • Labels are not displayed as expected
    • A/B Campaign: Heat map does not display correctly for winning campaign
  • Users: Adjust Name and Email column widths
  • Super List: Missing details that it "does not dedupe when workflow is enabled"
  • Subscriber Search: Does not find Exact Match with all fields 
  • Template Editor: "Generate Tag" button for relational table content loads blank screen


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