Version 14.14 - August 8, 2019

14.14.00 - 08/08/2019

v14.14 resolves issues, provides UI improvements, and prepares for continued UI updates.  Automation Overview and SMS Overview pages have been updated to the new UI.  

Finally, support for the Groups permissions option has been removed.  It has not been supported through most of the UI for some time, and we have deprecated the feature from the remaining locations.  

New Features

  • Automation Overview: Update to new UI
  • SMS Overview: Update to new UI


  • Task History: Add flag indicating Published List was de-duped on send (see List Properties, Advanced Tab)
  • Realm Create/Edit: Add VMTA requirement validation to Create/Edit Realm pages. VMTA settings were previously optional.


  • Announcements: Not appearing on glider pages
  • Templates: Copy Template does not validate OWASP string
  • Deliverability: 250OK campaigns not showing up in UI
  • REST API: Create Subscriber on Customer Key realm fails
  • Automation Campaign: Retain Active Loss In data for Archived campaigns
  • SMS Overview: Bounced events not included in graph



  • Groups
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