Version 14.15 - August 22, 2019

14.15.00 - 08/22/2019

v14.15 resolves issues, provides UI improvements, and prepares for continued UI updates.  Automation Definitions and Automation Campaigns pages have been updated to the new UI. 

New Features

  • Automation Campaigns: Update to new UI
  • Automation Definitions: Update to new UI


  • Publishing: Improvements
  • Bounce Tracking: Improved data storage and logging


  • Webservices API: userUnsubscribeUpdateData does not save Date custom field correctly
  • WhatCounts Logo: Does not direct to new Dashboard
  • Create Realm: Hide Client field when creating a child realm
  • Notifications
    • Create User: Email Notification "go to" url incorrect
    • Forgot Password: Email Notification "go to" url incorrect
  • Publishing: Get default VMTA from parent first
  • PLA: Cannot create new realm

14.15.01 - 08/22/2019


  • Publishing improvement when Segmentation has 0 subscribers
  • Tracking improvement for data storage

14.15.02 - 08/27/2019


  • Campaign: not using VMTA set at List Properties level
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