Version 14.16 - September 5, 2019

14.16.00 - 09/05/2019

v14.16 resolves issues, provides UI improvements, and prepares for continued UI updates. 

New Features

  • None


  • FTP API: SmartSubscribe add default format (plain text) if none defined


  • A/B Test: Sends notifications to Admin Email from List Properties instead of admin_email in system config
  • FTP API: Do not clear data with BLANK submitted via sub, save, send, subandsend
    • SMS call to update subscriber with invalid country code returns incorrect error message
    • Subscriber Data fields are not updated with UPDATE command
    • Subscriber Data fields are not updated with SUB command
  • Automation Definition: On Close, returns to list of Campaigns instead of Definitions
  • Automation Campaign:
    • When Copying, Campaign Title should be required
    • On Close, returns to old UI list of Campaigns
    • In Create modal, list definitions by Title not Name
    • Typo in Activate Modal - "Active" should be "Activate"
  • Import: Non-smartsubscribe import handles NULL differently
  • Deliverability: Authentication failures with ReturnPath
  • Realm Create:
    • Do not use Parent VMTA if Parent does not have share enabled
    • Do not clear fields if error on submit
  • Campaign: Archive viewer min=n number not showing correct content
  • Current Tasks: Time is sorted incorrectly
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