Minimum System Requirements

Compatible Web Browsers
  • Chrome: the last 2 major versions
  • Firefox: the last 2 major versions
  • Microsoft Edge: the last 2 major versions
  • Safari: the last 2 minor versions
Browser Add-ons and Extensions
Some browser add-ons and extensions conflict with pop-ups and may block platform functionality. If you are experiencing issues you suspect could be browser related, log out of the platform, clear your browser cache, and log in again.  If you've recently installed an add-on or extension, try a different browser or ask a colleague to test on their system.  If issues continue, contact our Support team.
Operating Systems
  • Windows
  • MacOS
Window Sizes
  • Minimum experience: >=1000px by >=700px
  • Ideal Experience: >=1200px by >=700px
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