Version 14.17 - September 19, 2019

14.17.00 - 09/19/2019

v14.17 resolves issues, provides UI improvements, and prepares for continued UI updates. 

New Features

  • None


  • List Compare: Make Max Scheduled text more visible (only available for specific accounts)
  • Template Editor: Add Optimize HTML button (only available for specific accounts)


  • Automation Campaign: Deactivate modal does not reflect days set in Realm
  • History: Hide passwords for Logins
  • Impersonate: PLA cannot see realm just created
  • List Attributes: Validation not working
  • List Definitions: Copy modal is wider than others
  • Lists: Some pages still link to old Lists page
  • Edit Realm: PLA cannot see realm just created (cache issue)
  • Bounce Error Report: Multiple copies sent to admin email
  • Campaign Search: Large counts don't display properly
  • API Overview: Large counts don't display properly
  • Deployed Overview: Large counts don't display properly

14.17.01 - 09/19/2019


  • WebServices API: Optimization for Subscription management

14.17.02 - 09/26/2019


  • Impersonation: Issues seeing child realms when logged in as PLA
  • Calendar: Unable to delete Campaign Report from scheduled list

14.17.03 - 10/03/2019


  • Create Realm: Parent Realm list is not in alpha-numeric order
  • Rest API: SMS sendMessageToPhone never reports success: true
  • List Details: Add Note that search is Exact if realm is set to Exact
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