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I noticed the Preference Site I added to our Template does not use a secure link.  Is there a way to have it generated on an HTTPS page?


In order to have the Preference Site served on an HTTPS page, you will need to hard code the URL instead of using the generated tag. Here's how to do that:

  1. Go to Content > Templates
  2. Click on the Template to open it
  3. Select ADD TAGS
  4. Select the appropriate Preference Site from the drop-down
  5. Insert the tag into the Template
  6. On the SaaS, change this:
    <a href="%%PREFSITE%%sid=1a:2">Subscribe</a> 

    <a href="">Subscribe</a>

(Where "1a:2" is the code for your Preference Site.)

In addition to this change to the URL, all assets used in the Preference Site (e.g. images, CSS pages) must be available via HTTPS.

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