Email Snapshot Generator FAQs

Email Snapshot Generator FAQs: 


Q: What is Email Snapshot Generator? 

A: Email Snapshot gives you the ability to save and store HTML and PNG screenshots of emails, including subscriber-specific personalization. This feature provides you an exact history of which campaigns and personalized content a subscriber received, allowing your customer support teams to better answer questions from their subscriber base regarding previous emails sent. For example, if a subscriber wants to dispute a bill, Email Snapshot allows customer support teams to pull up the exact snapshot of the email sent to review and provide a timely resolution to the dispute 


Q: How do I access Email Snapshot Generator? 

A: Email Snapshot is enabled at the realm level and can only be enabled by a WhatCounts employee. To inquire about accessing the feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager.  


Q: How do I create Emails Snapshots? 

A: Snapshots can be generated two ways: within the UI in the Deploy Wizard and with REST API calls. On step two of the Deploy Wizard you will find the Email Snapshot option at the bottom of the page. To activate, check the checkbox. Email Snapshots are only supported with Normal Deployed campaigns and are only generated on demand when deploying a campaign (they are not generated by default). 


Q: What email formats are compatible with Email Snapshot Generator? 

A: Email Snapshots can be generated for HTML, Multipart, and Text only email campaigns.   


Q: What types of Campaigns can generate Email Snapshots? 

A: Email Snapshots can be generated for normal Email and Email/SMS Campaigns only. Email Snapshots are not available for A/B or Automation Campaigns. 


Q: What is the file format for Email Snapshots? 

A: The file format for Email Snapshots is: <subscriber_id>_<realm_id>_<template_id>_<campaign_id>_<datetime>. 


Q: How do I view snapshots? 

A: You can view HTML/PNG snapshots by subscriber on the Subscriber Details page and via API call. To retrieve snapshots from the Subscriber Details page, click the 'SNAPSHOTS' tab on the far right. From the list of snapshots, you can view and download the HTML or PNG snapshot in the Actions column.  


Q: Do my Email Snapshots expire? 

A: Email Snapshot files will be stored for 12 months but can be extended for additional storage costs. To inquire, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.     


Q: Do API calls to send attachments also store Email Snapshots? 

A: Email Snapshots will not be generated if an API call includes any attachments. 


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