Version 15.02.00- February 6, 2020

We are excited to release version 15.02.00 of the WhatCounts application. This release includes new features, various improvements, and bug fixes.  

New Features

The new Label Management feature is here! Tag campaigns and campaign elements with Labels for enhanced searching, reporting, and analysis.


  • Add Labels to new and existing Campaigns, Lists, Templates, and more.
  • View usage count of Labels within Campaigns and Campaign elements.
  • Search and filter by Labels on the Campaign Search page and Overview pages.

Read more about how to get started with Label Management.


  • API Client: The API Password now displays in modal instead of green banner
  • Import Subscribers: Active Imports queue message displays import tasks only for associated realm


  • SMS: Fixed incorrect error message when adding a Subscriber with invalid phone number
  • WYSIWYG editor: Fixed additional slash added to directory path on image upload
  • Subscriber Details: Fixed issue where the link to the list failed to load the details page 
  • Subscriber Search: Fixed issue where link to the list failed to load the details page
  • Fixed bugs related to SMS FTP, HTTP, and REST API calls 
    • REST: addSubscriberToSenderCode, sendMessageToPhone, createMessage  
    • HTTP: createsmsmessageaddsubscribertosendercodesmssendmessagetophone, smssendmessagetosendercode, createMessage 
    • FTP: createMessage 

View updated API: SMS Management documentation:






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