Version 15.05 - March 19, 2020

Version 15.05.00 release includes several improvements and bug fixes.  

New Features

  • Disable Tracking Metadata: Do not store IP Address, Operating System, Browser Type, Client Type, and User Agent with opens and clicks in order to honor privacy restrictions. 


  • API FTP: Process Relational Imports one at a time
  • A/B Definition: Add text to clarify remainders
  • FTP Manager: Remove FTP Threads limit 
  • Schedule Subscriber Export: Email should be selected by default
  • Relational Import:
    • Set importance level to process one at a time
    • Hide non-functional Consolidate into one row option
    • Remove non-functional List name from last page of wizard
  • Subscriber Import: Improve processing upload of large size files


  • API FTP:  Improve error handling for .sig files
  • Automation Campaign Editor: Connections are lost in UI
  • Automation: Error building data check query where using custom string field with multiple input parameters
  • Subscriber Export:
    • Export file of Super Lists is empty
    • UI checkboxes are bunched up
  • Schedule Subscriber Export:
    • Default format is not selected
    • Labels in wizard are misaligned
  • Relational Import: Allows upload file with double dot in name
  • Subscriber Import:
    • Rename mapping profile doesn't appear to save
    • Allows upload file with double dot in name
  • Relational Template Tags: "WITH(NOLOCK)" breaks relational tags
  • Test List: Progress bar does not match Deploy Campaign bar


  • Realm Settings: Add Disable Tracking Metadata setting.  
  • Disable Tracking Metadata: Note added in various functionality that is affected when Tracking Metadata is no longer tracked.

15.05.01 - 03/20/2020


  • FTP API: Importer leaving orphaned file handles on server
  • Articles: Send using one-off API commands, click through URL does not convert the tag for %%SUBSCRIBER_ID_HEX%%

15.05.02 - 04/02/2020


  • Subscription Management: improvements for data storage and retrieval
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