Whitelisting Sending IPs

If contacts at a particular company are having problems receiving email from your Campaigns, it could be due to blocking by their mailserver. The IT Department at that company should be engaged to help resolve that issue, which may include whitelisting the IPs used for sending your campaigns.
If the issue with blocking is with mail sent to your corporate email address or that of one of your partners, forward the IPs used for sending your Campaigns to that IT Department.  Those IPs are necessary for the investigation and eventual resolution of the issue.

Dedicated VMTA IPs

Your company may have been assigned dedicated IPs used for sending.  Contact the WhatCounts Support team to determine if you have dedicated VMTAs and the corresponding IPs.

Shared VMTA IPs

Following is the list of shared IPs used across the WhatCounts platform for a variety of tasks.  Because shared IPs can change, whitelisting by IP is only recommended as a last resort.  Any changes to shared IP addresses will be posted on this page.


VTMA Domain

Page last updated: May 4, 2020
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