Getting Started: Compiling Coupons

Download the Example CSV file provided to compile your coupons. getting_started_-_1.png

There are 2 required columns 

  1. code: The coupon code you will be adding to use in campaigns. 
  2. send_by_date: This date is the last day a coupon can be pulled for a campaign. After this date, the coupon will be purged from the platform.



Code Formatting Restrictions

  • Codes must not exceed 100 characters 
  • Only alphanumeric (e.g. ABC123) characters are allowed. Any codes with special characters (e.g. #%&*) will be rejected. 
  • Identical codes are not allowed and will be ignored. The send date will not be updated. Once a code has been used and purged from the batch, you may upload that code again. 


Send By Date Formatting Restrictions 

The easiest way to avoid a formatting error is to follow the format provided in the Example CSV. However, the following formats are also accepted. 

  • m/d/yy 
  • m/d/yyyy 
  • m-d-yyyy 
  • mm/dd/yy 
  • mm/dd/yyyy 
  • mm-dd-yyyy 
  • yyyy-m-d 
  • yyyy-mm-dd 


CSV File Limits 

No more than 50,000 coupons may be uploaded at one time. If the file has more than 50,000 codes, the import process will end, and no codes will be processed. 


Next Steps 

Once you’ve finished adding your codes and their corresponding “send by” date, you’ll be ready to upload your coupons to the platform. 


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